Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Solvent

Our dry cleaning services include but are not limited to Leather, Suede, Silk & Rayon garments, Bedding, Drapery, Curtains, Rugs, Band Uniforms, and Wedding Gowns.Unlike most dry cleaners, we at Eco Diamond Cleaners only use GreenEarth™ solvent; we do not use PERC solvent, which is considered environmentally hazardous, non-renewable and carcinogenic.

Eco Diamond Cleaners vs. traditional cleaners

Not all dry cleaners are created equal! A discounted price isn't all you'll get at Low-price traditional cleaners. At Eco Diamond Cleaners we pride ourselves on providing the quality, service and convenience that you and your clothes deserve. Compare Eco Diamond Cleaners with your low-cost, discount cleaners and the difference is clear.


Traditional Discount Dry Cleaners
Old, un-maintained equipment which affects the quality of cleaning, pressing and handling of clothes.
State of the art, proffesionally maintained equipment that produces the highest quality cleaning, pressing and garment tracking in the industry.
Cheap hangers that can essentially damage your clothes.
Reusable hangers with shoulder guards.
Perchloroethylene: low-cost aggressive solvent that fades the color of your clothes and is unhealthy for humans.
We use GreenEarth, which is the only sustainable environmentally-friendly, organic solvent.
Spotting Agents
Because Perc is so aggressive, discount dry cleaners rarely use spotting agents to further inspect and spot stains on your clothes.
Every garment process is inspected and treated for stains prior to cleaning.
Because discount dry cleaners use aggressive solvents to clean your clothes, they often do not use any detergent. uses detergents with fabric softeners, optical brighteners and static guards, ensuring the highest possible quality while maximizing the life of your garment.
Optical Brighteners
Discount dry cleaners do not use optical brighteners to enhance the color of your clothes.
We use optical brighteners to enhance the color of your clothes.
Buttons: Broken Buttons Guarantee
Discount dry cleaners seldom replace your broken buttons.
We replace all broken buttons with high-quality, virtually indestructible and durable buttons.
Discount dry cleaners reuse solvent, which turns whites gray and decreases the brightness of colors.
We use virgin solvent every time, ensuring your items truly clean while maintaining thier brightness and color.


Professional Tailoring


Eco Diamond Cleaners now offers tailoring for both retail and route customers. Our knowledgeable tailoring staff will help make the tailoring process a comfortable and informative one. From designer jeans to designer gowns, our fitters and tailors will work with you to ensure a perfect fit every time.

We have a 2-Day standard turnaround, as well as Same Day Tailoring and Concierge Tailoring services, to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Same Day Tailoring

When you need it now, you need it now. Our Same Day service offers the convenience of having your tailoring done within hours, so you can continue on with your day.

Concierge Tailoring

Our Concierge service is the perfect solution for customers with busier lifestyles. Our fitters can come out to your home or office and provide a discreet fitting without disrupting your schedule. This service is provided by appointment only.

Let Eco Diamond Cleaners take care of all of your tailoring needs Come in for a fitting, or make an appointment to reserve a time to meet with our tailors.


Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Gowns

wedding gownPreserving you memories and having an heirloom that you can possibly pass down to your own daughters or generations to come is important to you and therefore important to us.

As we know accidents do happen and anything can happen at a wedding.  We are here to help you clean and preserve your special gown. We strive to offer you the best cleaning service we can with environmentally safe options at an affordable price.

Whether you just need it cleaned or during the toast someone spilled wine on your dress, we will do everything possible to possible to make it “The Perfect Dress” again; and if you just want to preserve an old wedding gown – we can help with that too.

We will do our professional best to remove stains, restore and preserve your important memories.  Please feel free to give us a call or bring your garment by and see how we can help you.

We also do Tuxedos, Prom Dresses, Evening Gowns etc.

Drapery Cleaning

Professional Drapery Cleaning

Your draperies are one of the largest home furnishing investments you make. In order to keep them looking their best, trust our professional drapery cleaning service.

We have years fabric cleaning experience; we are experts at safely and effectively restoring your draperies. Colors and textures will come back alive, and the life of your draperies will be extended with regular cleaning.


Wash & Fold Service

We now offer wash and fold laundry service.  Please ask us for more details.