How it Works

Pickup & Delivery

Enjoy the Convenience of Dry Cleaning at your Front Door for FREE award winning quality is unparalleled in South Florida , and now is available to you right at your home or office. We offer the exclusive Green Earth process that restores and revitalizes colors and textures, while using all natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products. Also, as a Certified Green Dry Cleaner, you can be assured we will always use the proper procedures and most modern equipment to care for your clothes.

Convenience - Your life will be much easier as you will never have to spend time at the cleaners again. This service is available twice a week for home or office delivery.

Free! Free! Free! - offers this service absolutely free. Unlike many of our competitors, our prices are exactly the same as if you took your garments to any of our regular stores.

Simplicity - All of your transactions will be automatically charged; no money handling will be needed. Monthly payment is also available for a small monthly administrative fee.

Guaranteed Satisfaction - We are committed to ensuring your continued loyalty and satisfaction.

Getting Started - It is easy to get started using free pickup and delivery service at your home or office. Simply click here to sign up.

There are no delivery fees , hidden charges or minimum requirements. Once a month you will receive a statement that shows your itemized activity, and you have a choice of paying by check or credit card. We make every step of the process convenient!

We understand that customers are often just as concerned with the safety of leaving their valuable garments and household items on the front porch as they are with receiving a courier package there. Because of this we ask you to choose an easily accessible location on your property for our trained drivers to pick up and deliver your clothes. Even if this means going to your back porch or using a garage key code, we will honor any reasonable pick up location request.


How it works

  1. You sign up for service.

    Follow this link to give us your information

    We need all of your information to process your application

    Credit card is required for pickup and delivery service

  2. You schedule a pickup

    Use your Dry Cleaning web account to schedule your pick up.

    Place your garments in any bag for the first order, we will bring you a personalized

    bag back with your delivery.

  3. Your pickup and delivery schedule is based upon your location.

    Service is twice a week

  4. We follow your dry cleaning instructions

    Fill out your information during signup completely and just leave us a note in your bag for special needs

  5. We guarantee our service

    If you are not satisfied with the work we have done we will redo it for free

    If we can't satisfy your need we will refund items cleaning cost

    We want to be the best and be known as the best

**1st dry cleaning bag provided at no charge, additional bags may incur additional charge of $4.39.